Oil Giant's General Counsel Hew Pate Sits On Charity's Board While My Case Involving Chevron is Pending Before the Nine Justices
They want you to think it's the weather. It's actually about the greed.
By taking the side of Chevron in its prosecution of a human rights lawyer (me), the US Attorney General is weakening the rule of law and turning a blind…
With COP27 largely a failure, we must focus on new and creative ways to confront the fossil fuel industry
My latest column for The Guardian proposes a framework for how legal changes can catalyze progress
My column for The Guardian explains a truly horrifying case that poses the biggest threat to our democracy yet
Even a conservative court seems offended by the nation's first corporate prosecution
My 993-day detention shows how entrenched interests — when threatened — are capable of using outright corruption to maintain their privileges
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